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*riexva~ Free Download Grim (Reaper's Redemption Book 1) ebooks free reader download

*riexva~ Free Download Grim (Reaper's Redemption Book 1) ebooks free reader download


A new urban fantasy series faintly reminiscent of Amanda M. Lee from the bestselling author of Water Witch Who reaps the souls of the Supernatural?The text said one thing: COME ALONE.Ayla doesn’t believe in monsters. There are only bad people with bad intentions. But she does believe in helping someone in need. So when a text from a long lost friend flickers across her cell phone, asking to meet at the abandoned Gothic cathedral downtown, she can’t resist answering the call.Except her friend isn’t there when she arrives. Instead there’s a tattooed psychopath bent on making her his next ritualistically murdered victim. That's when Ayla discovers that not only is she surrounded by monsters, but she is actually one of them.Grim is the first installment of the hot new Reaper’s Redemption series, an urban fantasy collection with supernatural creatures of all kinds and an unexpected love triangle. If you enjoy clean but romantic stories with supernatural beings and heroes in unexpected places, you will want to pick up your copy of Grim.PREORDER today and find out automatically on March 15 if you believe in monsters.

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